Charitable Donation

You can't have a prize without something to give as the prize itself. Nowadays, that more or less means money.

But how much?

It needs to be enough to catch the eye of the media, get publicity and spur people to attempt to win the prize.

But, if the prize is prestigious enough (such as the Nobel Prize), the money matters less than the glory - it doesn't need to be enough to actually have paid for the research that eventually wins. Therefore, every little helps.

There needs to be easy ways for small donors to donate (paypal, online forms for credit cards, perhaps a company that will, for a small charge, accept payments over the phone on our behalf and pay them into a bank account). There needs to be transparency and accountability, to reassure donors. It would be desirable for there to be intangible benefits to donating (eg name on a credits page, if desired, a nice thank you letter they can frame, etc). And, for large donors, there need to be serious people they can talk with who can if needed go make professionally polished presentations and answer questions.

And ideally this won't all be passive. There may be large companies out there, perhaps in robots, perhaps general ones (eg Google) who would welcome the possibility if properly advanced. (But please, we need a professional who knows this subject - the last thing we'd want is cold calling or sending spam).

Also, what about funds to administer all this? Should that come out of the same pool, or do we need separate donations for running costs? How much does something like this cost to administer?

Your thoughts?

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