Technical Advisory Panel

A charitable foundation offering a prize for progress towards making a Universal Constructor will need people to advise it on technical matters related to robotics, manufacture and such like.

This panel would need to provide a draft of the actual prize criteria, worded in a pedantically correct technical manner that makes sense to those in the field.

It would also, ideally, have the expertise to judge submissions against the criteria, where necessary witnessing a demonstration of the submitted system in action or replicating the work to a provided specification.

There should be enough people on the panel that, in the case of a submission by one of the panelists themselves or someone closely connected to them (not unlikely in a small technical field) , they could excuse themselves from consideration of that particular entry without leaving the panel short of expertise in a particular field, but few enough that they can come to a consensus decision on a reasonable timescale.

Would a foundation in this situation normally be able to cover the expenses of advisers? Are there other factors that should be considered when making up such a panel (would someone not connected with universal constructors, but experienced in judging technical prizes be an idea)? At what stage should they be recruited, and how should their formal role and responsibilities be defined? Should they be forbidden from making submissions?

Your thoughts?

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